Why Are We Responsible For Others?

On this Palm Sunday it is good for each of us to remember that as a human being, you are responsible for your fellow human’s welfare. First with your family. Second with your neighbors and fellow countrymen and third with those who are strangers in nationality, culture and heritage. GOD gave us the Second Great Commandment to follow. Not as a suggestion, but a commandment.

As strange as it may sound to some, it’s also why we fight wars and have police. To oppose tyrants and defend the weak and impose law and order and maintain peace.

This is why we maintain a government. This is why we (at least those of us with a sense of responsibility and duty) pay taxes and do volunteer work and have jobs and give to charity.

Something to take to heart and take home to think about.


Procrastination And Making Waste Of Your Time

It’s not in my nature to procrastinate. I like to go ahead and get things done while it’s good to do it. But I have learned that it is sometimes best to wait and get things done at a better time. This is not procrastination, but wise use of time and resources. Haste does sometimes make for waste, yet it is still true that you should not put off for tomorrow what you can get done today. The difference is experience and wisdom.

The Logic of Sexual Orientation And Choice

It has been claimed by many for a long time that sexual orientation is naturally heterosexual for humans and any deviation is unnatural and must be a choice. Well, that logic was developed long ago before modern medical and psychological and natural science were developed and understood. We know now far more about human nature and genetic makeup and brain chemistry and structure than ever in human history. We know now what assumptions are true and what are fallacy. Humans are far more diverse than previously believed. Each person is an individual. Each of us are basically genetically human, but with individual variances in genetics and psychology and physicality. Often what we think of as “choice” is actually nothing more than “realization” and natural determination. Humans tend to fall into 3 basic natural sexual orientations: Heterosexual, Homosexual and Bisexual. With much individual variance between each. It is now known that few of us are actually “pure” in our sexual orientations. Some embrace it as a gift from GOD or nature, while many others deny it as “unnatural” or deviation from “normal.” The reality is actually that “normal” is “variation and individuality.”

In summation:   Claiming you can choose sexual orientation makes as much sense as saying you can choose your ethnicity. Nature may preserve a set basic “norm,” but it also preserves “diversity of biology” for the greatest chance of survival. Procreation is but one means and any of the 3 human basic sexual orientations can “procreate, but sexuality is far more than for just procreation. It is also greatly about companionship and security and good health.

What’s A Heaven For?

Robert Browning in my favorite poet and here is my favorite quote from him:

“Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp. Or what’s a heaven for?”

If man did not use imagination and inspiration and strive to extend himself beyond the logical and the empirical, we would not grow as a species and an individual in our capacity for intelligence and empathy and self-improvement.

The Broken / Enslaved Human Person

The broken human being is like the broken horse. It’s spirit has been tamed and it’s person has been enslaved. Don’t be a broken human being.

Welfare is just the new slavery. The individual and the society are just part of the government plantation. Liberty and freedom are lost.

Sheep do not think and do not question and do not resist. Who’s sheep are you?

My Home Town Farmville

My home town is a small town in eastern North Carolina. It’s name is Farmville. It’s population is roughly 5,000 people. It’s quite for the most part, but can be a busy place during the week. It really goes all out for Christmas and the 4th of July and even had a festival in April celebrating the Dogwood Tree! I love it here. I was born and raised here and still live here in my adulthood. Living in a small town is good for the mind and soul and your sanity.

The flag of the "Old North State" and Tarheels!

The flag of the “Old North State” and Tarheels!

Appreciate Those Who Deliver!

I hope people everywhere stop for a moment at Christmas and say a prayer and word of thanks for all those who work delivery and courier jobs delivering those packages and mail on time in every kind of weather and traffic conditions and at all hours of the day and night to get your package to its destination on time to make you happy and enable you to have a Very Merry Christmas. Whew!