About Aaron R. King

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Religious Views
Christian But Not Religious  I’m just a normal guy from North Carolina. I’m an American and proud of it. I am very pro male and pro masculinity. I believe in having close male friendships. I’m a smart, confident, independent, ambitious, creative guy who is working hard for the things he believes in. I love my life, my friends and my family and I work hard to maintain each. I believe that friendships are the keys to a successful life. I believe in the enlightened life.I’ve been self-employed with my own LLC business. I’ve been an entrepreneur. I’ve worked hard for what is mine. I graduated high school. I survived college. I’m a hard worker. I believe in self-reliance and self-determination. I believe in helping others by teaching them to care for themselves and not just giving them what they need for the moment. Educate yourself. Share your good fortune. Be a friend and a help. I believe in a sound traditional American work ethic

I believe in living a healthy life and eating sensibly and working out as you can.

I’m a Christian but not religious. I believe in being born again and living by the Two Great Commandments.

I love old scifi and horror movies and TV shows. I’m a bit of a nerd and a geek and a bit of a jock, but also just the guy next door.

Political Views
Libertarian  Conservative moderate. Libertarian. Log Cabin Republican. Conservative in fiscal and military matters. Moderate Liberal in social matters. Conservatism and ethical Capitalism plus a Jeffersonian Democratic Republic is the American way. I believe in equality for all American citizens and human beings under the law. I love the Constitution and Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence and the sentiment and spirit they enshrine. I support the Conservative and Log Cabin Republican cause. I follow my conscience and convictions. You have the right to do as you wish in life. As long as your rights do not obstruct my rights, we’re good.
I love my country America. I’m a patriotic American. I believe America is the greatest nation on Earth because of her founding principles and the American Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration Of Independence and that America is truly the “Exceptional nation” of the world.

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